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Out of nothing into infinity

UX/UI Design

I love improving our interactions with the world around us. Be it a smile, a swipe or a click, creating amazing experiences and interactions is what drives me. As the world continues its march towards fully digital workplace and shopping experiences, I continue my quest to make workflows easy using data science, A/B testing, and user research. Working with executives, business analysts and programmers, I visualize and design complex business analytic and reporting software. I solve complex business problems making the interfaces simple, powerful and elegant to use.

Data Science & Visualization

I recently spent one year at University of California-Irvine’s Data Science Certificate program creating models and visualization dashboards bringing theory into practice. I found my curiosity for machine learning, AI, and modeling while working as a consultant at a large asset manager. While there, I had the amazing opportunity to work with incredible statistical and analytical wizards with Phds. and CFAs. Working on a Risk Analytics and Hedging Application helped me dive into the depths of data analytics. Excelling individually by visualizing complex software while contributing to the team’s goals and solving business problems through the designer’s UI/UX lens is what I bring to the equation

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