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Prepaid ICE Sim Card in Costa Rica Kolbi

Added by on November 7th, 2010, filed under Costa Rica

Wow, I am back in Costa Rica.  Four months went fast.  I remember being so happy about getting high technology in the States upon arrival last July, 2010.  It was so fun, but with the convenience comes the high bills.  $90/month for unlimited calling and unlimited data ($50 + $35).  Anyways, after getting my new [...]

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Good News ICE Costa Rica Has Finally Stopped Throttling My Upload Speed On My GSM to 3G Chip!

Added by on May 18th, 2010, filed under Costa Rica

Wow. As anyone who has seen my internet 3G woes, today is a happy day. I bought a new chip the other day in the hope that the APN kolbi3g would help me get faster upload speeds, but this sort of voo-doo networking has come to an end now that they have kicked off all [...]

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iPhones taking over

Added by on May 14th, 2010, filed under Technology

I kind of love the transition we are technologically right now with the smartphones, Facebook, privacy and the net. I found this article and kind of agree with a lot of it. The Apple iPhone is an amazing tool and will be. Being in a country outside of America for a year struggling to get [...]

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