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Websockets and HTML 5

Added by on February 17th, 2011, filed under Design, Technology

This great tutorial at is an adventure I am going to try this week as I pursue technology just to figure things out. I had heard about how cool HTML 5 is but nobody is really using it yet full on and with complete support in browsers. I was on Scobelizer today and discovered […]

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Origins the new album by NIO is available at CD Baby

Added by on November 11th, 2010, filed under Costa Rica, Music

Guess what??? NIO’s Origins is now available for purchase online! Here’s the feedback from my first online MP3 purchaser: Travis- I love your cd!  Its grown on me each time I listen to it – great vibes – what genre do you call it?  Who are some of your fav musicians and styles? Peace James […]

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Prepaid ICE Sim Card in Costa Rica Kolbi

Added by on November 7th, 2010, filed under Costa Rica

Wow, I am back in Costa Rica.  Four months went fast.  I remember being so happy about getting high technology in the States upon arrival last July, 2010.  It was so fun, but with the convenience comes the high bills.  $90/month for unlimited calling and unlimited data ($50 + $35).  Anyways, after getting my new […]

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Design in Technology is Most Important Ask Steve Jobs

Added by on October 22nd, 2010, filed under Design, Technology

“An anecdotal story: A friend of mine was at meetings at Apple and Microsoft on the same day. And this was in the last year, so this was recently. He went into the Apple meeting (he’s a vendor for Apple), and as soon as the designers walked in the room, everyone stopped talking, because the […]

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Dubstep Tutorial and Link to VCI-100 Turntable Fix on DJ Techtools

Added by on October 20th, 2010, filed under Music, Technology

This is a dubstep tutorial that I found on DJTech Tools, a very useful site for DubStep tutorial and while writing this, I just found the following video:

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Letter To Seattle Council Member Regarding Excessive Parking Rates

Added by on October 14th, 2010, filed under Activism

Dear Mr. Burgess,                               October 14, 2010 As a lifelong resident of Seattle who has spent a lot of time abroad and lived 8 years recently in Los Angeles, I have returned to Seattle. I like a lot of the things […]

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LACC Blog Getting Radical In Los Angeles By Mary Eng

Added by on May 19th, 2010, filed under Activism

My friend Mary showed me a link to her LACC blog today. It’s pretty cool. I was really saddened to hear about the LAPD killing yet another mentally disabled/autistic person from her blog. So sad. I love the way the world is getting so connected though! Keep up the great work Mary Eng.

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