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Julius Brown’s Columns of Light Gallery Opening with audio by NIO

Added by on June 7th, 2012, filed under Art, Music, NIO, Seattle

Greetings Friends! If you go to the Art Walk on Thursday, this is where I’ll be spinning music and playing live at, there should be some food and drinks it’s at my buddy Julius Brown’s studio….from Julius Brown…. Good day! This Thursday June 7 I will be hosting an open studio as part of Pioneer […]

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Cool Visuals Company Behind Skrillex Summer Tour

Added by on February 13th, 2012, filed under Music I happened to see his show in Seattle and thought the visuals were cool and looked up who was behind it, good job! Skrillex Summer Tour 2011 dev pt.2 from Sensory Sync on Vimeo. this is the setup, designed and conceived by Sensory Sync for the Skrillex Summer Tour 2011 we built / programmed […]

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I’m Elmo And I know It Tickle-Tickle-Tickle Yeah!

Added by on January 16th, 2012, filed under Music, Personal

LMFAO’s Kid’s Version, woo hoo!

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Multifarous The Movie Music & Sound Design By Travis Winn

Added by on April 26th, 2011, filed under Music, Sound Design

Just found this clip on YouTube. It’s a film by Edward Austin-Pugh, a cool Director, editor & writer I met while in Los Angeles last summer. He needed some sound design and music so I did a quick turn around on my first ever film scoring experience. It was great to be a small part […]

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Lady Gaga Shows A Vulnerable Side

Added by on April 25th, 2011, filed under Music, Personal

Lady Gaga is the real deal, I hope she doesn’t end up like Cobain, sometimes those who give so much implode. So much talent and awareness and vulnerability.

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DJ NIO on Electroliquid is Doing a Remix for the Knowledge Contest

Added by on March 6th, 2011, filed under Music, NIO

I haven’t done much remixing yet starting out with original stuff, I look forward to my first remix, have three weeks left, should be fun. Here’s the stems for the contest if anyone else wants to know about it. I discovered, downloaded and then was like, huh, where are these stems from again??? So, I […]

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Buenos Aires Fractales Video

Added by on February 28th, 2011, filed under Art, Music

Buenos Aires Fractales from Travis Winn on Vimeo. Buenos Aires Fractales, a video installation first showed in Los Angeles, CA at Indie Collective Gallery

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NIO and Destiny White Collaboration at Anamaya Montezuma Costa Rica

Added by on January 13th, 2011, filed under Costa Rica, Music

NIO and Destiny White Montezuma Chill by NIO and Destiny White Here’s a new track in progress inspired by the amazing poetry and voice of Destiny White.  We met while I was DJing for some performances at the incredible Anamaya resort in Montezuma, Costa Rica in December, 2010.  This is a first installment of some […]

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NIO’s New Album Origins Now Available on iTunes

Added by on November 23rd, 2010, filed under Music, NIO

NIO (aka nothing is original) has been doing public multimedia art since the mid-90s and to celebrate his binary birthday released his new album Origins on 11.10.10 or if you live in Europe and other parts of the world 10.11.10.  This new release has many dance inspired tunes. Check the link today for hearing previews […]

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Origins the new album by NIO is available at CD Baby

Added by on November 11th, 2010, filed under Costa Rica, Music

Guess what??? NIO’s Origins is now available for purchase online! Here’s the feedback from my first online MP3 purchaser: Travis- I love your cd!  Its grown on me each time I listen to it – great vibes – what genre do you call it?  Who are some of your fav musicians and styles? Peace James […]

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