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Art Avant Ambient Video Art Featuring Travis Winn

Added by on February 28th, 2012, filed under Art

I was looking through some old files today and found a contract with Art Avant for video installations. I had forgotten about them so I looked them up and saw some of my work on their website (even though I am not credited). Anyways it’s the colorful looking fire dancers with a sunrise, It was […]

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Cool Visuals Company Behind Skrillex Summer Tour

Added by on February 13th, 2012, filed under Music I happened to see his show in Seattle and thought the visuals were cool and looked up who was behind it, good job! Skrillex Summer Tour 2011 dev pt.2 from Sensory Sync on Vimeo. this is the setup, designed and conceived by Sensory Sync for the Skrillex Summer Tour 2011 we built / programmed […]

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